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Barbara Nelson has photographed throughout the world capturing ordinary people as they move through their day (below photographing in Italy's Apennine Hills).

A graduate of Northwestern University, School of Radio and Television and Journalism, her interest in documentary film led her into photography. Her photography background is journalistic and documentary, capturing the essence and energy of people and places (urban and rural). She works in natural environments as well as different lighting conditions - hectic, busy times and in quieter spaces.

A New York based photographer, her work has been published and on exhibit in galleries and university art centers in New York City, across the country, and also in private collections. She is currently working on a series of portraits, adding dimension to people by including elements of their environment.

Her style and skills are used by clients in diverse situations including corporate events, weddings, sports and games, theatre, editorial projects and portraits. She has traveled widely and is comfortable with all cultures.


Barbara's productions include customized workshops and seminars for visual artists and professional assocations. A background in radio and television and magazine publishing plus extensive international travel to explore many diverse cultures, helps to identify unique places for workshop locations. Each workshop is small group (10 - 12 people) and tailored to a specific theme for maximum learning experience in a stimulating environment. See the workshop page for current listings.




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