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#woman's march. January 20, 2018. The 2nd anniversary of the world wide historic march in 2017 following the inauguration. In New York City, 250,000 strong,  peoples of all demographics and ages (from 3 to 90 years old) marched from Central Park to famed 42nd Street (Times Square) to give voice.  Tip of the Hat to #NYPD's great organization for success and safety..
Linda Rosenthal. Assembly Member NYC
Eleanor Roosevelt statue in Riverside Park/72nd Street
THE WALL. Quotes from Trump about Women
"If she wasn't my daughter I would be dating her"
"Grab them by the Pussy" "Bimbo"
Sea of Pink Hats
Youngest woman in the march
Young women will be voting in 2018
VOTE 2018
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