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Northern Manhattan / Washington Heights

Unable to travel and limited social events, The rivers, parks and hills of Northern Manhatten (Washington Heights, Inwood, Hudson River) became the solice to escape the restrictions caused by the arrival of Covid Virus.  Travel restrictions both in and out of the country (and even between states) became life interupted.  

As the Lock-down was enforced to contain the spread of the virus, all became empty as people "harbored" in place in their homes.  Subways and buses were mostly empty. very few cars or people on the streets, playgrounds were locked shut.  All restaurants and other non-essential stores  were closed.  

Inwood Park North of Washington Heights, Inwood Park - the Last Neighborhood in Northern Manhattan - Hiking through ancient woodlands, some steep hills, towering trees, dense foliage.


March 2020. The A train to Hamilton Heights Empty subways. First days of Lock Down
Cabrini St. Walking up to Ft. Tryon Park. self portrait
Empty Streets. First days of Shutdown
Playgrounds are closed. First days of lock down
Basketball courts closed First days of lockdown.
Ft. Tryon Park Linden Terrace, and George Washington Bridge
Ft Tryon Park. First days of lockdown.
Ft. Tryon Park.Linden Terrace. First days of lockdown.
early spring, Overlooking the Hudson River. Ft. Tryon Park.
Ft Tryon Park, Heather Garden. Spring flowers
First Flowers of Spring Heather Garden Ft. Tryon Park
First color of Spring. Heather Garden Ft. Tryon Park,
Ft. Tryon Park. Heather Garden
Ft. Tryon Park. Heather Garden
Ft. Tryon Park. Heather Garden
Riverside Park, George Washington Bridge
Ft. Tryon Park. Heather Garden
Ft Tryon Park. Birds
Ft. Tryon Park. Heather Garden
Ft. Tryon Park. Bird
Ft. Tryon Park. Bird
Ft Tryon Park. Bird
Over looking Hudson River. Ft. Tryon Park. Heather Garden
Inwood Forest. Old Forest
Street Vendor. Hamilton Heights. 181st Street/Broadway
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